Store Locations Add/Edit on Oryx Cloud

Store Locations

Oryx Cloud also helps you manage your store locations. A Store Locator basically centralizes your business by catering to customers all over the world and improving your overall branding. 

The Business Location section is used to update your business locations. If you have multiple location then you can add more than one location by clicking on the add new icon.

Adding a Location

To add a new location, do the following;
  1. In Oryx Cloud > Store Manager > Setup
    The Oryx Cloud SETUP page is displayed.

  2. In the SETUP page click on Locations
    The Business Locations page is displayed.

  3. In Business Locations page, click on +Add New
    The Add New Location page is displayed.

  4. You can type in the address or click on Use my current location to add the location information

  5. Enable the Make Primary Location to make the address as primary location

  6. Enter the basic address related information and click Save Changes.
    You have successfully added the new address.

Editing a Location

To edit a location, do the following;
  1. In the SETUP page click on Locations
    The Business Locations page is displayed.
  2. Click on Edit button

    The Update Location page is displayed.
  3. In the Update Location page, modify the required fields.

  4. Click on Save Changes.
    You have successfully modified the address.

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