Introduction to eCommerce and Selling Online

Introduction to eCommerce and Selling Online

OryxCloud provides the solution for service merchants to simply buy and sell services online without requiring customers to visit you, in person, to complete transactions. It is an all-in-one commerce platform that helps independent business owners sell online.

It is one of the easiest platforms to add services, create offers, and process orders — and it all starts by getting and setting up your OryxCloud account. 

The first step on how to sell on OryxCloud is to register an account on You will learn to set up a well-designed online store quickly, list your services, and manage your orders.

The types of services that can be listed in OrxyCloud are Standard service and Custom service. You can create each service type; see How to Create Standard Services (Offers) and How to Create Custom Services to get started with selling online.

After your services are online, you will need to manage orders, see Manage Orders from the Store Manager. OrxyCloud also allows you to :
  1. Converting Orders to Appointments
  2. Cancel Orders and get a Refund
  3. Creating Booking Forms
  4. Notified for Orders by SMS and Email
  5. Redeem Orders from the Store Manager
  6. View Orders and Booking Dashboard
The supported payment methods of Orxycloud are credit card,  cash on delivery (COD), credit card on delivery, and payment link in offline mode.

You can also manage all your appointment for your services in online mode.

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