Configuring Call Redirect (Virtual Phone Number)

Configuring Call Redirect (Virtual Phone Number)

A Call Redirect (Virtual Phone Number) is used to redirect calls to your cell phone or landline, from a particular landing page through a source which for example can be Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc. A Virtual Phone Number is useful in terms of trackability, security, mobility, and simplicity for your business. 

Each source is assigned to a Virtual Phone Number so that whenever you receive a call through the Google Ads landing page (where the Virtual Phone Number is provided) it helps to identify the source, for example, here the Lead Source is Google Ads.
The Virtual Phone Number (Calls Redirect ) page displays the Lead Source, Assigned Virtual Number, and Action column. From this page, you can request for a Virtual Number to be generated and assigned for a particular source.
Virtual Phone Number (Call Redirect)

Configuring a Virtual Phone Number 

To configure a Virtual Phone Number do the following:
  1. Go to the Oryx Cloud Store Manager page 
  2. Click on Setup 
    The Oryx Cloud SETUP page is displayed.
  3. Go to Leads > Calls Redirect
    The Virtual Phone Number (Calls Redirect) page is displayed.
  4. Click on   or  to request a new Virtual Phone Number

    A message that a request for a Virtual Number is being sent will be displayed.

  5. To cancel an assigned Virtual Number click 
    The assigned Virtual Number will be canceled.
If you need additional support in setting up your DNS record, please send us an email to or call us at +12813777925.

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