How to Add Your Business Details? - Oryx Cloud

Basic Settings

Orxy Cloud basic settings page manages the Business Information page. This section allows to update your business details related information.

Adding the Business Details

To add the business details information, do the following;
  1. In Oryx Cloud SETUP page go to Business Info > Business Details
    The Business Details page is displayed.
  2. Click on "Click Here to Upload" to upload the favicon logo .
    The file should be .jpeg or .png format, 100pixels X 100 pixels and 3MB.

    Note : Changing the logo here will NOT change it on your website. Please use the Website Builder to change the logo in your website header and footer.
  3. In the Basic Details page, enter the required information, see the table below.

    Business Name
    Enter the name of your business for example; Oryx Cloud
    Select the type of Business ; Individual or Business( where there is multiple partners involved in the business)
    Line of Business
    Select the line of business from the drop-down list.
    Your Website
    Enter your business website for example; https://.....

  4. After making all the changes, click on Save Changes button 
    You have successfully made all the changes in Business Details page.

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